Producing Quality... Produces a Future
Welcome to INTAT Precision Inc.
Our aim is to provide high-quality, competitively-priced automotive components that satisfy all our customers’ needs.

In the past decade, INTAT has continued to expand in its core business while continuing to improve it technology and capabilities. This quest for progress will never cease.

However our growth has not, and will not, come at the expense of our environment or community. We continually strive to make both our surroundings and the neighborhoods in which we do business better than when we arrived.

We thank you for visiting and sincerely welcome your feedback and assistance in helping us attain our lofty goals.


Outstanding Quality

We thrive on the challenge of producing the highest quality castings and exceeding our customer's expectations.

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • 2009 TOYOTA Excellent Quality awarded
  • 2010 SIA Quality awarded
  • 2011 TOYOTA Excellent Quality awarded
Continuous Improvement

We continually strive to improve all our internal processes and safety measures.  We also continuously work with our partners and suppliers to improve their methods and performance.

  • On-site training DOJO
  • Employee driven Kaizen program
  • Moldiing Efficiency Improvement
Environmentally Aware

We aim to harmoniously coexist with the environment so that we might leave our surroundings better than we found them.

  • ISO 14001 Certified
  • 80% reduction in core sand


INTAT Precision, Inc.
2148 North State Road 3, Rushville, IN 46173 | P.O. Box 488
Tel: 765-932-5323 | Fax: 765.932.3032 | email sales